Watch Me Do Something Insane: Video of My Bungy Jump

Last weekend, my friends and I toured the Garden Route, a beautiful drive through several towns, forests, and beaches along South Africa’s southern, Indian Ocean coast.

It was a blast, and I can’t wait to write all about it.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time yet, and when I do get a chance to write an entry this week, it will focus upon my amazing homestay in Ocean View (a township) that I finished a week ago. (I know I’m behind.)

But until then…I had to share the most terrifying moment of my life: jumping off the Bloukrans Bridge.  216 meters…the tallest bungy jump in the world. (Or at least it was until recently–I’ve heard that there is a slightly taller one in China now, but I saw the Guiness Book certificate with my own eyes. So I’ll be telling people that I jumped off the world’s highest.  Not that it matters…when you’re that high, the terror is all the same.)

Go here to watch me jump:

Enjoy! And I’ll be back with my next full post soon I hope!

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  • I can’t believe you bungy jumped!!!! Thats so scary. Glad you’re alive.

  • OMG is right! Dad and I debated what is scarier – bungy jump or skydive. I think bungy – at least with skydive, I was right side up after about 4 seconds and floated down slowly! I don’t think I could do what you did – who knows! Anyway – glad you’re having “fun”!

  • Wow! I’m glad you survived too! That was crazy ridiculous! Pretty cool though!! I don’t think I could ever do something like that though haha

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