Saying Goodbye to the Cutest Things

I’ve been filled with a nervous energy nearly all the time for the past two weeks. I’ve spent the entire summer and most of last semester mentally preparing for my departure from the States, but it hasn’t seemed to work. I think I’m more scared now than I was to start my freshman year at Georgetown! I’ve never traveled outside of the country by myself, and I’ve never been away from my family for more than two months, but I’m ready to figure things out for myself. My parents just dropped me off at the airport and with a three-hour delay of my flight, I have quite a bit of time to catch up on my reading and writing.

Last weekend I said my goodbyes to a lot of my friends and family. I drove down to Georgetown to celebrate my sophomore year roommate’s, Maria 21st birthday and got the opportunity to spend time with some of my friends. I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to, but everyone that I saw and talked with warmed my heart. I’m going to miss my friends at Georgetown so so much. After living so close to all those great friends, it breaks my heart to say goodbye for a year. I tear up just thinking about it. M

These are my doggos, Knox and Klara 🙂

any of my family members came over too for dinner and to say goodbye that later that weekend, too. They were super kind and excited for me. They all gave me well wishes, and some even gave me gifts for my adventure! After spending most of the summer at home with my parents and seeing my extended family on the weekends, it’s going to be extremely difficult to not have that support system nearby. And this afternoon, possibly my hardest goodbyes were to my dogs. Those snuggle bugs were my LIFE for the past four months. I don’t know how I’m going to cope without their snuzzles, constant companionship, and stupid things that they do to make me laugh.

Burrito bby! aka my niece! aka Madeline!

However, I also said my first hello to some people this week though! My niece, Madeline, was born TWO days before my flight was set to leave. She came fifteen days early and is a perfect little nugget. Seriously, usually newborns look like weird little bird-aliens, but she is ADORABLE. Her mom, my sister-in-law, joked that Madeline came out early just to say hi to me before I left. If she hadn’t come when she did, I wouldn’t have been able to hold her until late December! I feel so fortunate that I got to see her, but I still can’t wait to come back for Christmas and cuddle her! Also, I JUST connected with two of my roommates on Facebook today. The U of E doesn’t tell you who your roommates are before you arrive so we had to figure it on through a Facebook group for our dorm! One is from England and the other is from Slovakia. They seem really sweet, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know them!

Studying abroad will be a trying experience filled with a lot of firsts, many mistakes, and bouts of homesickness, but I know I won’t regret any of it. Sure, I’ll miss my friends and my family, my dogs and Georgetown. I’ll also forge relationships with new friends, make beautiful memories, and become more independent. I am elated to study abroad for the whole school year and let Scotland make its mark on me.

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