Prague Awaits!

I’m heading off to Prague in about a day, and I’ve only just reached the conclusion that I know hardly anything about my destination. After all, how much can a guidebook really tell me about a city, a country, a culture?

But honestly, that’s making the prospect of the next four months that much more exciting for me. While I’m not exactly the next Lewis and Clark or even the next Frodo Baggins, it’s going to be a journey.

I’ll be going to a place with a foreign currency – crowns, a foreign tongue – Czech, foreign foods and so much more. OK, so plenty of people have gone before me and there probably aren’t too many undocumented animal species left to discover (or the One Ring left to destroy), but it’s my own adventuring spirit driving me toward Prague, and I can’t wait.

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  • I’m sure there’s much for you to discover in Prague! Don’t forget to tell us about all your adventures 🙂

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