First comes sadness then comes Paris

In my family I’m always the one leaving; never stopping for more than fours weeks at time. It could be for boarding school, which I have been in since the age of six or it could be for a semester abroad. If someone else is willing to pay for me then I’m gone! In all the traveling I seem to always forget my fears until the night before when the keep me awake. My fears of heights manifests itself in premonitions and dreams of me falling off a cliff. And yet I continue to choose the options that my anxiety will surely pay me back for. But this opportunity that I’ve been given is better than the “nothingness” I would’ve been consumed with at home. So although I dread leaving my family and I say “Bonjour” to my French family. I take in everything with open mind and open heart. That so far has made all the difference! This past week here in France has been more exciting than a whole semester at Georgetown (lol). I decided to get France earlier than my program started on the account that I wouldn’t actually be in Paris. I’m never really one to plan anything to my mother’s demise. So I decided I would buy a ticket and get off anywhere that seemed relevant. Which made a great adventure, I’m not sure if I’ve been blessed with a great sense of direction or God just kept me safe during my excursion (or third option Paris is just an easy city to get around.) My first stop was the Notre Dame, but one my way day there I explored some of  the millions of little streets that Paris is filled with. Then I spotted the Eiffel Tower from my spot and begin making the trek. Which New York streets prepared me for, thank God.

Stay tuned for all the things about Tours where  I’ll primary staying these six weeks.

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