Fall 2017

Jack Braumuller

University of Auckland: Auckland, New Zealand

Jack Braumuller is a junior at Georgetown College majoring in Government, with a minor in Philosophy. His academic interests focus on international relations, environmental sustainability, and philosophical inquiry. He was born in the campus hospital, but raised in the suburbs of New York in lower Westchester County. In his last two years at Georgetown, Jack has worked for Dr. David Miller at The Edmund D. Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, as a research assistant. He is going to New Zealand for some international adventure and perspective, and is focused on having an immersive experience in a place that is new and different to him. He is excited to share his photos and experiences on the OGE blog!

Louisa Christen

London School of Economics: London, England

Louisa Christen is a sophomore in the SFS pursuing a major in International Politics and a certificate in Latin American Studies. She was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and attended an international school for 10 years. On the hilltop, Louisa is a writer for the Latin America and the Caribbean section of The Caravel and maintains a literature classics column for The Voice. She is incredibly excited to immerse herself in the bustle of London and participate in British culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading literature classics of the 19th and early 20th century and obsessing over plants and good music.

Evanthea Hammer

Advanced Studies in England: Bath, England

From Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Evanthea (who prefers the nickname Evie) is a junior in the College double majoring in history and art history, with a minor in Modern Greek. On campus, Evie is the research assistant to Professor Chester Gillis (formerly the Dean of Georgetown College), and is involved in GUCD and the Hellenic Association. She plans to utilize Bath’s strategic location in the southwest of England to explore many important historical sites, visit London, and journey throughout the gorgeous British countryside. Evie also has an ancestral tie to England, and she is eager to learn as much about English culture and customs as she can in order to reconnect with this aspect of her family history. Although Evie is a bit anxious to spend an entire semester away from home, she is very much looking forward to this unique experience.

Nicole Howard

Intensive Language and Culture (ACC Hamilton): Beijing, China

Nicole Howard is a junior from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is majoring in Chinese and Mathematics When she's on campus ,she works at Midnight Mug and is also a part of the bible study, GU Sisters of Christ. Having studied Chinese for the past 6 years, she is very excited to make her first trip to China. This fall she is studying Chinese at Minzu University in Beijing where she hopes too eat as much dumplings and noodles as she can!

Lark Knutsen

Sciences Po Lyon: Lyon, France

Lark Knutsen is a Culture and Politics major in the School of Foreign Service concentrating on human rights in East and Southeast Asia. She hails from a small town in Appalachian Ohio, where she lives part of the time on a farm with her dad, who owns a peacock and a water buffalo—a fact you would know if you've ever had to listen to her share a "fun fact" in a group setting. At Georgetown, Lark has been marginally involved in a large number things, perhaps most notably CSJ programs such as DC Reads, DC Schools, and Prison Outreach. Lark enjoys people watching, coffee shops, people watching at coffee shops, sending record-length texts, and adventures of all kinds. She hopes that at the end of her year in France she might be able to hold a regular conversation in the language without self-consciously over-analyzing every syllable.

Alexandra Prior

Study in Rabat, Morocco (IES): Rabat, Morocco

Alex Prior is a rising junior in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs (affectionately known as STIA) with a concentration in Global Health. She hails from the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, and will be studying abroad in the fall semester of her junior year in Rabat, Morocco! She is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to study abroad in a country that has been on her "travel bucket list" for years, and is excited to use her French language skills in a broader academic context. She is also excited about the couscous eating that she will be doing. On campus, you can find Alex tabling for Hoyas for Choice, giving campus tours to prospective student as a part of the Blue and Gray tour guide society, or trailing behind the Georgetown Running Club at their daily practices. Fingers crossed that she can find some running routes in Rabat!

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